Suspension and Debarment Activity Has Been Released to Congress

View the Combined 2012/2013 Report on Suspension and Debarment Activities

The April meeting included the comments and perspectives from a practitioner on Suspension and Debarment


GAO Report Released (May 21, 2014 )

GAO Report Released – “Agencies Have Taken Steps to Improve Suspension and Debarment Programs”

Debarment Workshop Held

On March 28th, the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committe together with the Council of Inspectors General for Integrity and Efficiencies jointly presented the 2014 Suspension and Debarment
Workshop. This workshop was designed to promote among government practictioners an enhanced understanding of the debarment and suspension remedy and available tools and to promote process consistency and transparency.  The workshop was open to government OIG investigators, auditors, and debarment program personnel.  Approximately 240 representatives of Federal agencies participated. Participants learned from panels on a variety of suspension and debarment-related topics such as “Affiliations and Imputations” and “Coordination of Remedies with Case Studies.” Panelists came from many of the different government agencies, including the U.S. Air Force, NASA, DOI, and the Department of Justice, among others.  A legislative developments panel included staff representatives of the House and Senate Government oversight committees.